Four Pieces For Mirai (Overture) EP

by James Ferraro

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lunchmeat James Ferraro is a wizard (techonomancer) and this album shines so brightly above all the plastic and broken tamagotchi's that litter your step.
Yan de Oliveira
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Yan de Oliveira Deep and dark, but still paradoxically hopeful and light. A great mixture of soundscapes and glitches, it feels like a world on its own trying to tell you its own lore through music. Favorite track: Butterfly.
Ian Lovdahl
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Ian Lovdahl Still looking forward to the follow-up to this modern classical experience. Ferraro's themes of technological crises translate well into electronic noise, as the tense synthetic symphonies convey the composer's apocalyptic warning. I'm into it. 17/50 on my 2018 year end list. Favorite track: Gulf Gutters.
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"By the middle 21st century all the great cities were dying, skyscrapers
and roads silent and empty, left to fossilize in a technological dark age
came to be known as The Deterioration

All that was left was The Remnant, a feudal hierarchy of leftover
humanity, though steadily vanishing.

No one understood the true nature of the processes at work or could explain the vanishing until Marai came. a computer virus, Mirai was created to release us"

"Four Pieces of Mirai" is an EP of new music out May 18th on the artist's own label. "Four Pieces of Mirai" represents the prelude of a large epic work about civilizational decline that spans across four releases due out this year. In this introductory prologue Ferraro reveals a dystopian present, a society in servitude to its digital network in a feudal bondage and Mirai a computer virus with a "denial of service" malware system that attacks
"Internet of Things" devices. in essence disrupting the hold of the internet
on humanity. It is from this aspect that Ferraro weaves his allegory of
technological plague, suburban decay, neofuedalism, hyper connectivity,
social famine and virtual exodus explained through out the four release along with accompanying videos.

featuring Ferraro's most integrated and deeply contemplative musical statements,integrating elements of medieval music , Renaissance music to ambient electronic music, and other musical anthropology along with the conceptual frame work Four Pieces For Mirai paints a dramatic realization of humanity at a crisis of technological abundance
and ecological dysfunction, both musically and conceptually
showcasing Ferraro's artistic ability to translate the peculiar character of our historical times into precise musical expression

the ideas that underpin the allegorical frame work of
Four Pieces For Mirai are more timely than ever given
the scale of our relationship with big data and shifting
social structures both a meditation on the nature
of artificial social media systems and a vision of mass online exodus
Four Pieces For Mirai is the contemplative and poetic score of this new emerging reality

we live among the ruins


released May 18, 2018


all rights reserved



James Ferraro New York, New York


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